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Expense Cost Calculator

[bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Approx. Square Footage” value=”10;960;50;1″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of Levels” value=”0;5;1;1″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Square Feet to Paint” value=”10;1200;10;1″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Pipes to Replace (feet)” value=”10;200;10;1″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Renovate Bathroom” value=”Low end;100.23
Mid range;120.22
High end;140.32″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Renovate Kitchen” value=”Low end;100.23
Mid range;120.22
High end;140.32″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Air Conditioners Type” value=”Window Air Conditioner;100.23
Ductless Air Conditioner;120.22
Central Air Conditioning;140.32″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of Devices” value=”0;5;1;1″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Doors Type” value=”Steel insulated door;100.23
Solid wood doors;120.22
Aluminium storm doors;140.32″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of Doors” value=”0;50;1;1″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Windows Type” value=”Wood/vinyl windows;50.23
Aluminium windows;140.22
Aluminium storm windows;210.32
Fixed thermal glass (existing frames);120.32″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of Windows” value=”0;50;1;1″][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Install New Foor” value=”New laminate flooring;50.23
New carpet;140.22
New hardwoods;210.32
Hardwood refinishing;120.32″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Square Feet” value=”0;500;10;1″][/bt_cc_multiply][/bt_cost_calculator]

How it works?

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